50th Class Reunion - planned for 2024
Looking back at 1974...
We wore the GREATEST fashions
Listened to the BEST music
Drove the COOLEST cars
But most of all,
we made WONDERFUL memories...
Calhi Decade Reunion Information planned for September 2023

Reason #10  Because you won’t know unless you go!

Reason #9  Some classmates are traveling thousands of miles to be there.

Reason #8  Do you want your yearbook picture to be the last thing they remember about you?

Reason #7  Few events offer the opportunity to go back in time and laugh like a teenager.

Reason #6  We’ll be rocking out to some awesome music from when we were in high school

Reason #5  At a reunion, everyone shows up older, then grows young again.

Reason #4  Because you can’t share a hug or a laugh on Facebook.

Reason #3  It’s not about who you were then.  It’s about who you are now.

Reason #2  It’s more fun to relive memories with those who shared them with you.

Reason #1  Someone there is hoping to see you!

We had the best time at our 45th Class Reunion - delicious food, the best Band and had some awesome conversations and much laughter...A big thank you to those who made the night special and to those who missed we'll see you next time.

Here is the link to our Reunion photos from our 45th Reunion by  our Photographer Sarah Kouklis