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I can remeber when Ann Stubbs and I used drive our VW's thru the hallways at Calhi.
Last Post: Nov 8th 2008
Author: MSalmonHollis
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Senior Class Photo
I remember being in charge of the Senior Class Photo for the yearbook, and Dr.Parks made me retake the photo because of all the bozos who flipped off, gave the bird, or the 1 finger salute, to the...
Last Post: Aug 26th 2008
Author: Lwildenwooley
# of posts: 4
Drill Team
Remember when all of our drill team uniforms were burned in a fire? Are mom's all worked for weeks to make are new uniforms with the little white hat & blue pompom on top. Makes me smile!
Last Post: Apr 27th 2008
Author: Carol
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