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Michael Hall
Air Traffic Controller Married 2
After CalHi I spent a semester at Rio Hondo. After a short time I felt R.H. was just high school with ash trays so decided to move on. I then joined the Navy and did my 4 years. All this time I really wanted to fly but never had the money for lessons. In the Navy I trained to be an Air Intercept Controller and loved it. I figured as hard as it was to get airplanes together keeping them apart would be pretty easy. I took the test and was accepted into the FAA's ATC school in OKC. My initial assessment was wrong as civil aircraft all want to go to the same place. Anyway, been working LAX traffic for the last 20 years after 5+ years at Salt Lake City. I've been married to a La Habra girl for the last 31 years and we have a son (25) and a daughter (17). Send Michael a MessageSend Michael a Message
Guy Hutcherson
Profile picture
Analyst for Boeing Married 3 yes
Since Calhi I am on my second marriage to my soul mate.  We have been married for 21  years now and have 2 beautiful children.

Our oldest son just graduated high school, will be attending Wheaton College in the fall and playing football.  Our youngest just began an Eagle Scout in late 2008 and will be a senior at high school in the fall.

My wife and I life in Brea, CA and I just celebrated 30 years with the Boeing Company.
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Kathleen Anderson (King)
Hospital Coordinator/Veterinary Hospital Single yes
Enjoyed our little reunion in Oct. 2007.  Wish more people from our class would have been there.  Maybe more will show at our Summer picnic or our class reunion next year. Send Kathleen  a MessageSend Kathleen a Message
Joy Brunston (Knapp)
Hair Stylist Married
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Janet Fox (LaBarbera)
Regional Manager - West Coast Operations Married 1 No
Tony and I have been married for 31 years.  We have one son, AJ and our beautiful "daughter"-in-law Angie
We were blessed with our first grandchild, Samantha, in October 2009.

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Dorothy Lamping (Laney)
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Project Operations Assistant/Purchasing Agent Married 4
When Mom passed away my husband Dean and I bought the house. We have 4 kids. 2 from his first marriage and 2 together. 
We have a total of 11 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter. We still have the last 2 kids to give us more of them. 

I enjoy reading all about the different classmates. This is a good website. Thank you for putting it together
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Glenn Larkin
Engineer Married 2 yes
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Marian Scripper (Lassiter)
Clerk Typist III Rio Hondo College Married 2
 After going to school at Rio Hondo College I ended up getting a full time job there and have worked at Rio 34 years. I have been married since 1984 and have two daughters Shawndra graduated Whittier College  07 with a BA in Religious Studies and Awndrea 09 with a BA in English/French and MA, from Claremont Graduate University 2011 in English: Litereature and Creative Writing. One of my highlights was going to Ireland a couple of years ago, beautiful place, beautiful people, would love to go back and also our trip to Paris and London.  I am still a Donny Osmond fan, saw him in concert summer 2005 but now I am an even bigger Adam Lambert fan and have seen him in concert 6 times, just love him.  Shawndra got married 2009, it was a beautiful wedding. Both of my daughters are curring working at Rio Hondo as Tutors and Teachers assistants.
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Carol LeMuiex
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Sales Manager Single 1 yes
Haven't seen many of my old friends from Calhi, but it was great catching up with them at the reunion - can't wait to see everyone again in October.  I have been living in Huntington Beach for over 20 years,  have 3 grandchildren.  Most people golf, play tennis, poker.....not me, I took up surfing!  Send Carol a MessageSend Carol a Message
Nancy McGimpsey (Lewis)
Divorced 4 Yes
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