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Teresa Blanchard (Magee)
Business Relationship Manager Married 4
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Cheryl Fine (Malm)
Profile picture
RN Single 4
All is well in La Habra...I didn't go far. I still work in Whittier at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital in Labor and Delivery for the last 29 years! I finally went back to school and am in a Master's program so I can teach nursing...really looking forward to this next journey in my life. I am single but have four wonderful children (adults-26, 24, 23, 20) that I will love to talk about at the reunion. Yes, I will bring pictures and so should you...even of your animals.

Looking forward to the reunion in October. As I get older I realize the importance of friendships both old and new.


Cheryl Fine Malm

("now" picture of Jim Brakebill, me, Ida Qualls (sister)and Bill Qualls)
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Thom Mason
Juvenile Court Counselor Single Again 4 Yes
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frank mayes
small business owner Married 3 yes
Happily married to wife Kim for 25 years now. 3 daughters: Miranda 24, Katrina 20, and Audrey 16. I own a small business by day to pay the bills and referee high school basketball by night to keep my sanity, although some people say I must be crazy to ref teenagers. Hard to believe its been 35 years, until I look in the mirror and see all the gray hair. Time marches on. Send frank a MessageSend frank a Message
Patrick Michelotti
Sales and service yes Everyone
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Scott Millikan
Profile picture
Pilot Married
Still flying around in the 757/767 for UPS.  I probably wake some of you up as I go over Whittier at 4:30 AM on the way to LAX.  Married Holly in 1989, and moved to Mississippi in 2005 to be close to her parents.  We live one block from the town square.  It's kind of like Mayberry, in a way.  Sorry I can't make it this time! Send Scott a MessageSend Scott a Message
William Moore
Vice President Married 2 yes
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William Moore
Business Owner Married 3 Yes Jan Medlock
I received the 45th graduation party invitation and realized my lovely bride and I should attend this time. Which, in turn, led to my visiting this website and adding a 'profile'. I am proudest of being 'Papa' to my 11 grandchildren - it is the best title I have had in my entire life. That, and being married to the same woman for 35 years, in a row, as of December 31st of 2018! We have an agreement that she only walks on ground that I worship. It has worked well for us so far.  

The other life stuff - I run an Executive Search Firm based in Fullerton called Moore & Associates . We have been in business for almost 20 years specializing in recruiting leadership in the Healthcare vertical (Hospitals, Healthcare Systems and Medical Groups). I still love time on the water, which started with body-surfing, surfing, wind surfing and then sailing - I have raced sailboats for over 40 years now. My 'Everest' of sailing was participating in the 2005 Trans Pacific Yacht Race finishing 3rd in our classs and in 2012 racing my J105 against a guy named Dennis Connor. At one point in that regatta, a memeber of my crew said, "Bill, you are on lay line for the mark and are ahead of Dennis Connor - at which point I let go of the helm and dove off the boat! Not really, but candidly speaking, that was a pretty freaking special moment! 

I am not well known from the class of 1974, for many reasons. My freshman year I ran cross country ('run for fun' tee shirt and everything) and track. I lettered  Varsity my Sophomore year for both sports. Principal's Honor Role my Freshamn year. Things took a bit of a turn when my mother was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer and given 6 months to live. A tough thing to handle for any child, particularly so at the age of 16.  Even tougher for my younger sisters, Pat and Pam. My older sister Ellen had left the house as soon as she graduated High School in 1967. 

Mom went on to live, if you want to call it that, for 3 more years. I took solace in anything that would dull that pain, and believe you me, it took a lot. That and surfing. I think I surfed almost every mornng before class(es) my entire Senior year. probably much of my Junior year too. Married my "High School Sweetheart" Jan Medlock November 15th, 1975 just so my mother could see one of her kids get married before she died, which happened December 23rd, 1975. That will screw with your Christmas, Big Time, for a long time. Jan and I divorced 15 months later - I knew going in it was a temporary situation, Jan got custody of the cat.

I met the love of my life March 3rd of 1979. Did not realize it at the time - all I was looking for was one night. Her name is Cynthia, (she goes by Cyn) and she is the smartest woman I have ever woke up next to in bed. It took a while for us to finally marry in 1983. I mean, she had 3 kids from a previous marriage and I, well let's just say I had a bit more running and gunning to do. Which I did, so aggressively so that it almost killed me. When we married, I was a drunk (among other things) but she saw "potential" in me. Her love for me literally saved my life and led me to Alcoholics Anonymous and a sobriety date of February 18th, 1988. I have a solid 30 years clean and sober, still active in attending meetings, sponsoring other men, speaking on occasion and being a good example of recovery (most of the time). Rigorous honesty. Oh, and I have survived cancer, twice! I just finished 7 weeks of radiation in Novemeber of 2018. It is freaking good to be alive! 

So, that's it, in a nutshell, or as close as I can get to a nutshell. If  you remember me and I owe you an apology - please reach out to me, I have made many amends from those years prior to turning my will and my life over to the care of God. Or if you have a question about AA. Or need a mooring at the Isthmus Cove at Catalina, Bravo 13. You can find us there on 'WanderLust', a 2007 Catalina 34 Mk II on any given weekend, probably with a grand kid (or 5) or so in tow. And a kayak, SUP, snorkel gear, wetsuits, fishing gear, a 14' Novurania with 60 HP outboard, you get the picture. I hope to see some of you at the reunion in September. I will be the guy you don't recognize from our graduation class. If it helps, on my arm will be the most beautiful woman in the room, at least in my opinion. God Bless!
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Gerald(Murph) Murphy
Consultant Divorced 3 Yes It’s been 45 yrs, I don’t know where to start.
I’ve lived in the Mt Hood area since graduating from Cali. I have worn many hats and have been very community involved. I work for a excavation company currently(when I can) doing design work, layout, and 
permitting. I do a lot of volunteering, I’m a Clackamas County Planning Commissioner, I’m a Community Rep for County timber sales, I’m in a workshop at PSU working on forming policy on development within rivers channel Migration Zones, and I’m currently a board member of the Sandy River Watershed Council, Upper Sandy River Flood Risk Management, and a volunteer for Senior Citizens Council of Clackamas County. I’m really busy working with very interesting people. I must think outside the box to bring positive change to th future. I love to ski when I can, Mt bike, and hike. I was just at the northern Oregon Coast, around the mouth of the Columbia River. What a beautiful place. It’s so rich with life.
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Steven Myers
North American Sales/Marketing Manager Married 3

My wife Cheryl and I have been married for 30 yrs and have three children Melanie (27), Kevin (25), and Eric (15).

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